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Clinic of the emotions and behaviour

Mental Health Clinic

The Mental Health Clinic offers a comprehensive and holistic approach for individuals with mood or behavioural difficulties (behavioural problems). At the Brain Health and Neurorehabilitation Institute we work in an interdisciplinary manner, to ensure that the person receives the psychological and psychiatric care they need based on their personal situation.

The early diagnosis of affective problems or mental disorders in adults allows the right treatment to be started before the matter becomes more serious and debilitating for the patient.

Diagnosing the existing problem and taking the most appropriate measures prevents the complications caused by living with a disorder that is not receiving the necessary treatment or help. In turn, it can prevent the need to take time off work, which can become yet another factor that complicates life for patients and their families.

When someone has an undiagnosed emotional and/or behavioural disorder, the patient feels increasingly more incapacitated, finding it harder to live their normal life and get out of the situation they are in. Early diagnosis will therefore significantly improve their prognosis.

Personalised advice and therapeutic plans adapted to each person and situation:

An emotional or behavioural disorder is a sensitive matter that always varies in each case. This is why it is essential to know how to adapt the treatment to the specific needs of each individual, as well as taking into account their personality and their family, employment and social situation.

Monitoring and guidance programmes for patients and their loved ones:

Once a patient with an emotional and/or behavioural disorder is stable or the symptoms treated have abated, a follow-up programme has to be established that allows them to recognise possible warning signs. This knowledge will make patients more competent to ask for help in time and to learn to spot possible signs that the disease is worsening if there is a recurrence of the disorder. It will also make it possible to take the necessary measures to avoid a situation in which the patient is incapacitated. As for the family, they should be aware of the symptoms of the disease and know the best way to help the patient, in addition to being alert and participating in follow-up, if necessary.

Joint work of psychology and psychiatry

Each person and situation is different. We evaluate to what degree psychological and/or psychiatric treatment is incorporated together with the person.

Reference center in non-invasive techniques for the treatment of mental health

Non-invasive Neuromodulation is a tool that, applied expertly, brings benefits to people suffering from mental health problems. New therapies such as EMTr (Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) are safe and well tolerated as they do not cause side effects.

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