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Guttmann Brain Health Institute
Guttmann Barcelona

Guttmann Barcelona

Guttmann Barcelona, Brain Health and Neurorehabilitation Institute, is a clinic that is specially designed to offer the best diagnosis and most advanced treatments in functional motor, cognitive and behavioural problems that affect people with a neurological disease or neuropsychiatric disorder.

Guttmann Barcelona is a highly specialised healthcare centre that aims to promote the health and wellbeing of patients and their families, thanks to a large team of professionals who are experts in neurorehabilitation and with the hallmark of quality of the Institut Guttmann. The aim of this initiative is to provide a comprehensive, holistic and personalised service, creating an environment that favours health and personal wellbeing, whilst accompanying patients in the process of improving their functional capabilities.

Guttmann Barcelona is based on a new way of understanding medicine, providing a more advanced way of responding to people’s neurological problems; in additional to offering the most rigorous diagnosis and most effective treatment for their disease or disorder, the idea is to contribute to boosting their brain health, as this will also help improve the condition itself and make them be and feel healthier. In turn it promotes their sense of wellbeing and that of their families, as well as their relationships. 


Guttmann Barcelona, Brain Health and Neurorehabilitation Institute, is where the Institut Guttmann passes on all the knowledge and experience in neurorehabilitation that it has accumulated throughout its fifty-year history in order to treat any neurological and neuropsychiatric pathology. 

Guttmann Barcelona offers comprehensive, holistic and personalised diagnosis and treatment with all the scientific vigour and the hallmark of quality that characterises the Institut Guttmann.


In addition, the initiative works with other prestigious professionals from the field of neuroscience to broaden its care options and focus on seeking innovative solutions, given that one of the main challenges faced by today’s society, according to the WHO, is “Maintaining the functional capacity of our nervous system throughout our lives”.

The main aim of the Guttmann Barcelona is to promote brain health, whilst offering early diagnosis of neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders. The idea is to propose the most advanced techniques in each particular case to resolve these health problems and to offer specialist, intensive person-centred neurorehabilitation that aims to restore, improve or compensate functional deficits resulting from a neurological injury.

It is also part of the institute’s mission to advise and accompany patients and their families throughout the different stages of the process, providing the highest quality care and support services. We care about people, their health and their well-being.

Guttmann Barcelona also incorporates a new scientific paradigm: Brain Health. This is defined as the optimal set of brain connections at every moment in our lives in order to have a full and satisfactory existence. This set of connections is the result of our daily experience. Therefore, improving lifestyle habits related to brain health (physical exercise, diet, cognitive training, socialisation and feeling motivated by life) helps us maintain and strengthen these connections in order to delay the appearance of changes associated with ageing, minimise the symptomatology of neurological diseases, and also optimise our brain’s capacity to respond to diseases that have already been diagnosed.

Guttmann Barcelona offers the most innovative and effective personalised treatments, with a proven scientific basis and the quality guarantee of the Institut Guttmann.

Stroke and Acquired Brain Damage Clinic, Guttmann Barcelona
Stroke and Acquired Brain Damage Clinic

The Stroke and Acquired Brain Damage Clinic comprehensively addresses the different medical, physical, cognitive and/or behavioural problems arising from a stroke, traumatic brain injury, chronic neurological pathology or neurosurgical intervention, among others. It offers innovative intensive and personalised specialist services that help restore or improve functionality affected by a neurological injury.

Neurodevelopment Clinic , Guttmann Barcelona
Neurodevelopment Clinic

The Neurodevelopment Clinic is designed to offer the right diagnosis and most appropriate therapeutic support for each case. It also offers pedagogical guidance to families with children or adolescents with neurological and/or psychiatric problems, learning difficulties, congenital neurological problems or any other problem derived from an injury to the brain or spinal cord.

Emotions and Behaviour Clinic, Guttmann Barcelona
Emotions and Behaviour Clinic

The Emotions and Behaviour Clinic is designed to offer a comprehensive and holistic approach for people with mood (depression, anxiety, stress…) or behavioural problems (psychosis, phobias, obsessions…).

It offers early diagnosis, personalised advice and therapeutic plans adapted to each person and situation. There are also monitoring and support programmes for patients and their loved ones.

Parkinson’s Disease and other Movement Disorders Clinic, Guttmann Barcelona
Parkinson’s Disease and other Movement Disorders Clinic

The Parkinson’s Disease and other Movement Disorders Clinic specialises in the specific diagnosis and treatment of motor control disorders (Parkinson’s disease, ataxia, dystonia, involuntary movements, myoclonus, dyskinesia, tremor, stiffness, etc.), with the most advanced diagnostic technologies and therapies tailored to each individual and at each stage of the disease.

Memory Clinic, Guttmann Barcelona
Memory Clinic

The Memory Clinic is specially designed to provide comprehensive and holistic programmes for the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of problems with memory and other cognitive functions. These may sometimes be a consequence of Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. The Memory Clinic also offers a personalised programme to tackle emotional problems, and gives training and support for patients and their families.

Fibromyalgia and Neuropathic Pain Clinic
Fibromyalgia and Neuropathic Pain Clinic

The Fibromyalgia and Neuropathic Pain Clinic deals with patients in a way that addresses all aspects of fibromyalgia and neuropathic pain. Pain causes suffering, and prolonging this for any reason leads to a lower quality of life and alterations in the patient’s usual activities and relationships with other people.

Advanced Prosthetics and Neurorehabilitation Clinic
Advanced Prosthetics and Neurorehabilitation Clinic

The Advanced Prosthetics and Neurorehabilitation Clinic offers a prosthetic program and comprehensive support to the person throughout the prosthetic process, from the moment the decision is made to the final adaptation to a prosthesis.