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Ágora Guttmann Barcelona
Ágora Guttmann Barcelona

Ágora Guttmann Barcelona

Ágora Guttmann Barcelona is an initiative designed to present, disseminate, reflect on and debate ideas on a range of topics that are part of its social commitment.

Ágora is a meeting point where users can talk about health, rehabilitation, neuroscience, research and innovation, new technologies and new therapeutic procedures, as well as rights and equal opportunities, empowerment, inclusion and social participation for disabled people; there is also the chance to discuss any matters of current affairs or of interest to society.

Ágora is an open space for all individuals and organisations interested in these topics, health professionals, all patients, former patients and family members from our clinical services, the general public and, in particular, the “Friends of the Institut Guttmann”. Ágora takes shape in different formats (conferences, presentations, debates, workshops, exhibitions, etc.) and has a regular schedule that is publicised via the main social networks.

Ágora Guttmann Barcelona
Ágora space

Conferences are always held in the Ágora Guttmann Barcelona space in C/Garcilaso, 57 08027 Barcelona (Planta Entresol)

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