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Parkinsonisms are diseases that may share one or more symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, but in turn present other non-characteristic problems. The development and prognosis of this group of diseases is different to that of Parkinson’s disease.

This group of diseases includes:

  • Parkinsonisms caused by cerebral vascular injuries
  • Injuries
  • Multiple system atrophy with different variants
  • Progressive supranuclear paralysis
  • Corticobasal degeneration

Due to a lack of specific treatments, the rehabilitation approach that best suits the way the disease is progressing in each patient is used to improve their quality of life and prevent complications.

Rehabilitation in Parkinson's disease and Parkisonisms

This group of diseases affects core mobility, but also has an impact on other areas like emotions, cognition, sleep, etc. As well as the use of drugs, rehabilitation is also therefore necessary to comprehensively address all possible problems.

  • Physiotherapy: to maintain a good range of movement and prevent complications (joints, pain).
  • Occupational therapy: the aim is to delay dependence as far as possible and maintain as much functionality as possible.
  • Aerobic exercise to improve fatigue and overall quality of life.
  • Individual and group exercises (including those done in the pool) to improve coordination and balance, improving gait and reducing the risk of falls. Of particular interest are those that develop rhythmic skills (using sounds or patterns, such as tai-chi).
  • Treatment to improve cognitive functions wherever relevant.
  • Monitoring and emotional support, using different techniques like mindfulness in order to improve quality of life
Cognitive rehabilitation with Guttmann, Neuropersonaltrainer®
Cognitive rehabilitation with Guttmann, Neuropersonaltrainer®

Cognitive rehabilitation with Guttmann, NeuroPersonalTrainer® is neuropsychological rehabilitation treatment, which is an active process that helps the patient to optimise the recovery of higher functions (attention, perception, memory, executive functions, calculation...) to better understand the alterations presented and to develop strategies to compensate f

Comprehensive Memory Stimulation Program - Guttmann Barcelona
Comprehensive Memory Stimulation Program

The Comprehensive Memory Stimulation Program aims to prevent and / or slow down the cognitive and physical deterioration of people suffering from neurodegenerative diseases.

Personalised training and improved functionality programme
Personalised training and improved functionality programme

This personalised training and improved functionality programme is aimed at optimising and maintaining functional capabilities, as well as preventing complications associated with disability issues.

Phisiotherapy and gait rehabilitation. Group sesions.
Phisiotherapy and gait rehabilitation. Group sesions.

Guttmann Barcelona offers a treatment programme of physiotherapy and gait rehabilitation in a group, with sessions based on shared rehabilitation goals, with activities being planned around these goals in both the rehabilitation room and the swimming pool.

Sesiones grupales de psicología
Phychology. Group sessions.

Guttmann Barcelona has launched its programme of psychology group sessions, as the social aspects associated with group therapy provide additional benefits to those of the treatment itself, due to the positive impact that spending time with other people has on our mood and cognitive response.

Treatment of depression with TMS transcranial magnetic stimulation
Treatment of depression with TMS transcranial magnetic stimulation

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) for the treatment of depression is aimed at people with or without neurological issues who have been diagnosed with treatment-resistant major depression; that is, when they have not responded to treatment with different antidepressant medications which have been taken properly.

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