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Personalised training and improved functionality programme

Personalised training and improved functionality programme

This personalised training and improved functionality programme is aimed at optimising and maintaining functional capabilities, as well as preventing complications associated with disability issues.

People who carry out the personalised training and functionality improvement programme also benefit from the protective action of controlled physical exercise against the metabolic and cardiovascular risk factors caused by a sedentary lifestyle, especially in people with reduced mobility. The programme is specially aimed at people with a neurological disability as a result of a stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, or other alterations of the nervous system (cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, Guillain-Barré...) who, once the rehabilitation process has finished, request personalised services for the maintenance or improvement of different problems related, among others, to walking, the mobility of the upper limbs (chronic hemiplegia), balance, the ability to perform activities of daily living, etc.

A complete final report will be delivered to the patient with the assessments, the treatment performed and the final recommendations.


The personalised training and improved functionality programme is carried out in a spacious modern gym with swimming pool that offers the best facilities for carrying out these activities and has the most exclusive technologies currently available in the field of specialised rehabilitation.

The space has equipment for manual therapies and for the application of the most advanced techniques and systems in physiotherapy, and dynamic training systems to work on muscle chains. Training is also done in the pool and hydrotherapy area.

  • Assisted gait rehabilitation: Lokomat Pro and Ekso Bionics (exoskeleton for assisted walking)
  • Rehabilitation of motor control of the arm and hand: Armeo Power
  • C + MILL: Walking platform with multisensory stimulation systems


The type of intervention in the personalised training and improved functionality programme will always depend on a personalised assessment by expert professionals. From this initial assessment, a plan adapted to the functional capacity, needs and expectations of each user will be prepared.

  • Individual 50-minute sessions of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, neuropsychology and/or speech therapy
  • 50-minute group sessions led by expert therapists (before or after the individual session, according to clinical criteria)

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