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Early Care

Early Care

The Early Care Clinic is aimed at children aged 0 to 6 who present developmental problems ranging from a simple maturational delay to alterations in their nervous system. The Early Care Clinic carries out interventions aimed at diagnosis and treatment, intended to provide young patients with environmental stimuli that promote their physical, sensory, intellectual and emotional development. These should be applied during the early stages of their development.

The main aim of early care is for children to receive everything that can be done in terms of prevention and care that can enhance their capacity to develop and increase their wellbeing, making it possible for them to fully integrate into the family, school and social environment, as well as promoting their personal autonomy.

Neuroscience and scientific evidence demonstrate the importance of plasticity and vulnerability in the maturation process of the nervous system. Therefore, the early detection and treatment of alterations that may arise in early childhood are of great importance. The progress made by children with alterations in their neurological development will largely depend on when the alterations are detected and when the early care begins.

The family may detect that the child is not reaching the milestones of psychomotor development at the expected times. This may be an early warning sign that should be reported to the child’s key healthcare professional, such as their paediatrician.


  • Overall assessment of the child. An evaluation of the child’s current condition is made using the diagnostic process, and a profile of their physical and intellectual performance is obtained.
  • Information, guidance, support, counselling and the empowerment of the family.
  • Therapeutic care for the child: Cognitive and communication stimulation, speech and language interventions, psychomotor skills, and sensory integration.
  • Medical and care-related monitoring of their progress.
  • Coordination with professionals in the educational, social and health aspects of children seen at the centre.
  • Guidance and support in early childhood education.

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