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Intellectual disability

Intellectual disability involves a series of limitations in a child or young person’s cognitive and functional abilities that prevent them from adapting to the environment and meeting expected standards of development, personal autonomy and social responsibility. The conceptual, social and practical areas in children and young people with intellectual disabilities are affected, and these limitations begin during the development stage.

Children with intellectual disabilities display significant differences with respect to other children of the same age in intellectual functions such as reasoning, problem solving, planning, abstract thinking, judgement, academic learning and learning from experience. These difficulties are accompanied by limitations in various adaptive areas, such as communication, personal care, domestic life, social skills, the use of community services, self-management, health and safety, academic performance, and leisure.

Children and young people with intellectual disabilities need support to improve their functioning in the different daily activities that are affected, such as communication, social participation and autonomy.


Each case is unique, so Guttmann Barcelona offers personalised and expert attention. It offers a holistic treatment adapted to the child or young person which will help give the best results. The Guttmann Brain Health Institute team also offers support and advice to the family to help them deal with the situation and work together to achieve the child’s highest possible level of development and integration.


Children’s cognitive telerehabilitation
Children’s cognitive telerehabilitation with GNPT®

The treatment of children’s cognitive telerehabilitation with Guttmann, NeuroPersonalTrainer® (GNPT®) is an active process that helps children with cognitive disorders, learning difficulties or behavioural problems to:

Music therapy
Music therapy

Music therapy is one of the treatment options available at Guttmann Barcelona, for both adult and paediatric patients affected by neurological injuries or diseases at different stages within the rehabilitation process.

Cognitive behavioural therapy
Psychological treatment

The Psychological treatment with Cognitive behavioural therapy brings together two types of therapeutic treatments, because although behavioural therapies are successful in the treatment of some pathologies, other aspects involved in the way in which people respond to different situations have to be taken into account.

Social Skills Intervention and training
Social skills Intervention and training

Social skills training is aimed at children and adolescents who have difficulties in interpersonal relationships and in handling different social situations, either because they have a disorder that justifies these issues.  

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