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Neuropsychological treatment

Neuropsychological treatment

Neuropsychological rehabilitation or neuropsychological treatment is an active process that helps patients and their families to better understand the difficulties they present, develop strategies that optimize their higher functions, compensate for neuropsychological disorders and optimize higher functions.

 It is aimed at patients with cognitive, behavioural and emotional disorders secondary to a neurological or psychiatric origin alteration. 

  • Cognitive: Orientation, attention, speed of information processing, language, memory, calculation or executive functions.
  • Behavioural: Impulsiveness, irritability, disinhibition, aggressiveness, apathy, lack of initiative. 
  • Emotional: Adaptive disorder, anxiety, depression, emotional lability.


The techniques and procedures used are determined according to the established therapeutic objectives:

  • Neuropsychological techniques of restoration, compensation of cognitive alterations and modification of the environment to improve functionality. 
  • Neuropsychological behaviour modification techniques to improve behavioural management and behaviour alterations. 
  • Neuropsychotherapy with the aim of facilitating the adaptation process, as well as tackling emotional aspects and deficit awareness.


Individual sessions of one hour.

  • Patient intervention: Individualised neuropsychological intervention focuses on the specific neuropsychological alterations of the patient and their functional repercussions on their daily life. An individualised therapeutic plan will be established with specific objectives to improve cognitive performance, increase deficit awareness, understand functional repercussions, regulate behaviour and adapt it to the environment, and facilitate the process of emotional adaptation, adjusting expectations and establishing new objectives.
  • Family intervention: Neuropsychological treatment includes the family in order to carry out psychoeducation of the alterations presented, get to know the consequences of neuropsychological alterations (cognitive, behavioural and emotional), facilitate guidelines and strategies to know how to act in certain situations, as well as how to provide emotional support and adaptation to the new situation.
  • Group intervention: Some therapeutic goals can be addressed in a specific group treatment for the improvement of social skills or for addressing emotional and adaptive aspects.

The intensity of the treatments (frequency of sessions) will be determined by each professional according to their clinical criteria, taking into account the characteristics of the patient, the therapeutic objectives and the evolution of the patient.

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