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Treatment of Fibromyalgia and pain. Group sessions

Treatment of Fibromyalgia and pain. Group sessions

Guttmann Barcelona has launched its treatment programme for fibromyalgia and pain with group sessions, as the social aspects associated with group therapy provide additional benefits to those of the treatment itself, due to the positive impact that spending time with other people has on our mood and cognitive response.

We adapt to your particular needs, offering a specialized and personalized treatment guided by a specialist in neurology, once the possibility of interacting with a group of people in a situation similar to yours.


  • Mindfulness: Training the mind to live better in the moment, increase awareness, develop emotional self-management skills and maintain a more stable mood.
  • Psychology: Guided sessions to share experiences and emotions with the aim of boosting self-esteem and one’s own identity, self-awareness and emotional management, as well as learning strategies to cope with other associated problems.
  • Physiotherapy / Occupational therapy: The sessions are based on shared rehabilitation goals, with activities being planned around these goals in both the rehabilitation room and the swimming pool.

A medical report of no more than three months old will be requested and assessed by the medical team. If you do not have an up-to-date report, you will need an initial consultation with the relevant Guttmann Barcelona specialist who will prescribe the appropriate number of sessions.
The duration of the treatment depends on the client’s needs, always with a maximum of 2 days a week, 2 sessions a day.
A minimum of 3 people are needed to keep the group running.
The type of treatment given will be determined along with the professional team.
Ask for more information on times and prices.

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