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Psychopedagogical re-education courses

Psychopedagogical re-education courses

Psychopedagogical re-education is part of an intervention based on cognitive and behavioural strategies. It consists of training in basic skills needed to achieve an improvement in the skills to learn and alleviate the difficulties of children and young people with learning disorders or ADHD. The course is taught by specialist psychologists from the Brain Health Institute Neurodevelopment Clinic.


Courses aimed at children who need help to plan and organise their study time and improve their academic performance, like children and adolescents with learning difficulties: ADHD, reading disorders, dyscalculia.


  • Planning and organisation of study time
  • Improved attention span and concentration
  • Application of self-instructions: use of oral language so that it is later internalised and automated and in the future allows the regulation of behaviour and thought.
  • Self-assessment and self-correction: learning to evaluate one’s own behaviour, as well as recognising errors and proposing solutions.
  • Improved autonomy and self-control of impulsive responses or ways of working.
  • Improved motivation and self-esteem, especially in students who have experienced repeated academic failure.

At the moment there are no psychopedagogical re-education courses open. For more information, contact the centre.



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