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Brain Health Clinic

The prestigious neuroscientist Álvaro Pascual-Leone scientifically leads this transdisciplinary team of expert professionals and provides all his knowledge and scientific leadership in the field of cognitive and behavioral neuroscience and his expertise in clinical translation, understanding that there is no health without brain health.

The Brain Health Clinic offers programs for the assessment, promotion and maintenance of brain health, mental well-being and cognitive reserve, ensuring that people cared for achieve the highest possible levels of physical and cognitive functionality.

The main objectives of the Brain Health Clinic are:

  • Promote brain health to help people with both mental and physical well-being, and prevent other associated illnesses.
  • Offer those people who show symptoms of a neurological pathology the best expert diagnosis and personalized advice and support to optimize the capacity of their brain and minimize the impact of the disease, both on themselves and their environment. familiar and affective.

In this way, the Brain Health Clinic presents a new way of understanding medicine. Based on the most advanced knowledge and technologies, and with a comprehensive, holistic, personalized and ecological perspective, it offers Personalized Brain Health Programs aimed at assessing and improving the health and well-being of the people it cares for and their families.



Personalized assessment of brain health consists of a set of tests to assess different abilities and a set of computerized questionnaires to know the lifestyle of each person, which are related to brain health, as well as the identification of brain health problems. and general that they might exist.

The different brain abilities that are assessed in brain health tests are:

  • Cognitive capacity
  • Motor capacity (gait, balance and manual manipulation)
  • Aerobic capacity
  • Brain connectivity
  • Brain excitability
  • Brain plastic capacity
  • Cognitive reserve (through dual tasks that combine motor and cognitive demand)


From the assessment of all these objective parameters, the brain health Index of each person is calculated, which will allow us to assess those aspects that should be strengthened and maintained and those others that should be acted upon through specific actions, as well as monitoring the result of the actions we take to improve your Brain Health.




The Guttmann Barcelona Personalized Brain Health Plans consist of a set of specific interventions, guidelines, advice and recommendations on lifestyle habits, to improve brain health capacity and resilience to neurological and psychiatric illnesses. Guttmann Barcelona puts at the service of people a transdisciplinary team of professionals (doctors, neuropsychologists, psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, personal trainers, nutritionists and coaches) to accompany them in the process of generating an environment conducive to their brain (and general) health, personal well-being, and participation in society.

Who are the Personal Brain Health Plans for?
Personalized Brain Health Plans are aimed at both healthy people and patients with specific behavioral problems, dementia and memory, Parkinson's disease (or other movement disorders), frailty and gait disorders, depression, anxiety and others. neuropsychiatric and neurological disorders such as chronic pain or fibromyalgia, among others.

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